Dr. Osman Kadriu


Dr. Osman Kadriu



Professor Osman Kadriu, Ph.D. was born in the v.Arangel, Kichevo where he finished the elementary school. After finishing the secondary school in Belgrade, he graduated at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1973. In 1992 at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade he got a master degree specializing on “Responsibility for damage done by a worker towards a third person” and he has acquired the title of Master of Law. At the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1999, Ph.D. Kadriu successfully defended the doctoral dissertation on “Illegal termination of a working relation and responsibility of the enterprise for damage”.


After the graduating at the Faculty of Law he got employed at the Municipal Court in Kicevo, at first as a clerk in 1974 and after passing the bar exam he worked as an associate in the same court.

The funcions he was elected are:

– Judge at the Municipal Court Kicevo, elected in 1976;
– Secretary of the Municipality of Kichevo, 1978 – 1982;
– Secretary of the Municipality of Kichevo, 1982 – 1986;
– Vice-President at the Executive Council of the Municipality of Kichevo, 1986-1990;
– President of the RC of the SSRNM for the Municipality of Kichevo, 1980 – 1981;
– Member of the Republic Judicial Council, 1994 – 2000;
– Lawyer in Skopje, 2001 – 2007;
– Professor at the Faculty of Law at the State University in Tetovo, 2001-2007;
– V.D. Dean of the Faculty of Law at the State University in Tetovo, 2004 – 2005;
– Professor at the Pedagogical Faculty at the University “Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, 1996 – 2010;
– Pro-rector of the FON University, November 29, 2007 – October 2009;
– Member of the Senate of the FON University, 2012-2016;
– Delegate at the Inter-University Conference
– Professor at the FON University, since 2006 and now;
– By a Decision of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia from 11.01.2018 he has been elected as judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia.


Parallel with the professional duties and numerous functions, Ph.D. Osman Kadriu is also involved in scientific research activity. He has published seven books and more than 80 bibliographic units, scientific and professional from the matters as follows: civil law area; constitutional law and political area; and labor law area. The articles are published in the famous magazines in the Republic of Macedonia, such as: “Judicial Review”; “Advocacy”; “Lawyer” – magazine of the Association of lawyers of the Republic of Macedonia; in some publications published at FON University; at the Faculty of Law in Skopje; and MANU in Skopje. A good part of the scientific and expert articles have been published outside the country most of them in the famous magazine “Legal life” from Belgrade. The articles were published on Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian and English language.


1. Liability for damages due to unlawful termination of labor relation, Academician, Skopje, 2000.
2. Causing damage and civil law responsibility (on Albanian language), Tetovo, 2003.
3. Constitutional arrangement of Macedonia (on Albanian language), university textbook, Skopje, 2006.
4. Introduction to civil law (on Albanian language), university textbook, Skopje, 2008.
5. Comment on the Law on Labor relations, together with Dr. Vojo Belovski, Skopje, 2011.
6. Insult and abusion and responisibility for damages (monograph), Skopje, 2017.
7. Insult and abusion and responsibility for damages (monograph in Albanian language), Skopje, 2017.

Beside the published books and materials Ph.D. Osman Kadriu, has been participated on a lot of seminars, round tables and scientific debates organized in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad with his own papers and announcements.

In the last years Ph.D. Osman Kadriu has been distinguished in the sphere of a various expertise. Constantly consulted as a legal expert and as a political analyst. He has more than 300 addresses in the media and in the mass communication giving concrete comments, interpretations, opinions, suggestions and concrete suggestions in all media in Albanian and Macedonian language as well as in the media out of the country.

Professor Kadriu at the Faculty of Law at FON lecture nine subjects from the first till the last year of the studies on Albanian and Macedonian language.

Besides FON University, Professor Kadriu in a concrete academic years was also engaged at the University “Goce Delcev” in Shtip and at the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Bitola.

On the basis of his qualities, his progress with a scientific publications in the country and abroad, Ph.D. Osman Kadriu is today known and recognized lawyer in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad. He speaks English and French.