Sali Murati

Judge | President 2019 - 2021

Sali Murati

Judge | President 2019 - 2021

Short biography

He was born on 11 October 1966 in v. Vrapchishte, Gostivar. He is Turkish by nationality. Graduated at the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade – Belgrade in 1991, and passed the State Bar Exam in 2005.
From 1993 to 2005 he worked in the Bureau fор Legal and Economical Services in Gostivar as a lawyer. In the period from 2005-2012 he worked as an attorney in Gostivar.

Since the graduating till now, he was actively occupied with the legal issues in the constitutional law area, the rights of the communities, the freedom of thought and religion and the international private law.

He has published numerous legal articles in different journals in the country and abroad. He has participated in more then 15 international conferences in a various countries abroad. He particularly worked on the problems of non-majority communities in the Republic of Macedonia. In that concern, he has published numerous articles and participated in many TV programs on MTV 2 and in the Macedonian radio concerning the actual legal problems in the country. On this regard in 2006 he won the prestige medium award – The Person of the year “Kutluk veli” and in 2007 he won the award from the Association “Adeksam” Gostivar for the particular contribute of the integration and development of the rights of Turks in the Republic.

Parts of published articles are the following:

The contributions of the constitutional changes, 2001

The role of the Ombudsman in the society, 2003

УThe role and the meaning of the International court for human rights in the protection of the fundamental freedoms and rights, 2002

ПThe legal state in the Republic of Macedonia, before and after the Ohrid framework agreement and the place of the Turkish, 2001

The rights and the place of the smaller communities after 10 years of adopting of the framework agreement, 2011

Since 1997 actively works in the Nongovernmental Organizations in the Republic of Macedonia. In 2001, in organization by OSCE and other nongovernmental organizations from the country, he participated as lecturer in many conferences for the contributions of the Ohrid framework agreement.
In the capacity of Secretary General of the Union of the Turkish nongovernmental organizations in Macedonia – Matusiteb, he actively cooperated in 5 mandates with OSCE, Helsinki Committee, MCMS and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations and through them he was an initiator of many amendments of different laws, such as: The Law of the Representatives of the Republic of Macedonia, Law on the Territorial Division of Republic of Macedonia, The Law on Census of Population, households and dwellings in Macedonia and other laws.
On the census of the population, households and the dwellings in 2011 he was a member of the State Census Commission.