The work of the Constitutional Court is public. The openness to the public is provided by (1) the public is informed about the Court’s work through the mass media; (2) the Court sessions are attended by the participants in the procedure, other physical and legal entities and representatives of the mass media; and (3) Court decisions on significant matters are announced through the mass media.

Informing the public about the work of the Court through the mass media is continually done after each session of the Court, about every and each topics discussed, the decision reached and the reasons behind them.

Court sessions may be attended by: the participants in the procedure, other persons interested and representatives of the mass media; the latter may use all the available means for following the sessions (audio-visual recording, shorthand recording, etc.)

For significant issues, the Constitutional Court invites representatives of the mass media to follow the Court’s work.

The Court occasionally organizes press conferences, at least twice a year, where it presents matters of the work in the past period.

The Constitutional Court publishes a Yearly Book of Decisions as a permanent source of introducing the public to decisions, opinions and standing of the Court.